1.8 Liter Rice Cooker KS-FR18ND-BR/PK/SL Compare
•3 in 1 Functions :Cooking, warming, steaming
•Capacity: 1.8 L
•Accessories: Steamer and rice spoon
550 Watt Blender EM-TI175G Compare
•Capacity 1.75L
•Rotary knob with 5 different speed modes
•The blade is removable, easy to clean
0.8 Liter Rice Cooker KS-P8MY-GR/WH/RD Compare
•Mechanical Type
•Fashionable Design
•Innovative apple-design
1.8 Liter Rice Cooker KS-R18MS-GY/PP/BR/PK Compare
•Ceramics Coating
•72 Hours keep warm
•With Removable aluminum inner lid
1.8 Liter Rice Cooker KS-N18ME-L/C Compare
•Anti-stick and anti-scratch
•Non-removable Inner lid
•Capacity: 1.8 L