In the beginning of 2017,  SHARP Corporation introduced a new motto of the company, ‘Be Original.’ It was selected to emphasize two important principals of Sharp, ‘Sincerity and Creativity’ which reflects corporate spirit that’s mostly described in Sharp’s business creed by the founder Tokuji Hayakawa to guide Sharp management.

‘Be Original.’ is Sharp's promise to its global customers as a commitment to be a people-oriented company which brings added value for customers. As a part of this goal, Sharp will keep inventing innovative products and giving excellent services, creating ways to meet customer needs and enable them to enjoy convenient technology.

By bringing in this great enthusiasm and spirit, SHARP Indonesia will continue to strive and deliver the best local fit electronic products based on Indonesian needs and perspective and yet innovative, healthy, and eco-friendly.

In achieving our mission as an  eco-positive company, this spirit will be carried along and strengthened in every Sharp business strategy to reduce and prevent the earth from more damages, such as global warming effect. Small yet impactful steps are taken in SEID work ethic and culture within employees and expanded in energy-creating products with its one-of-a-kind technology. Furthermore, SEID will keep provoking actively young generation, neighborhood, and society to raise awareness on saving mother earth and take part in real green action through SEID Corporate Social Responsibility.

Thus, as a new President Director of PT SHARP Electronics Indonesia and with all employees of Indonesia will stand together and keep our perseverance in becoming the leading electronic manufacturer in Indonesia.

On behalf of SHARP Group, thank you for your endless contribution and support.

Shinji Teraoka
President Director